Volunteer Opportunities

The KJCA is a volunteer organization, and thus is in need of many vounteers, both on a regular basis, and on a project or activity base. If you would like to volunteer, contact us and tell us what you would be interested in doing. Volunteers are needed for catering (set-up and take-down, prepping, cooking, serving, dishes, ect), plus volunteers for each of our activities.
Especially needed are people who are willing and able to instruct in Japanese culture — Ikebana , Tea Ceremony, Odori, Shodo, Orgiami, Kite Making, Chigiri-e, Japanese cooking, ect. Also events like Canada Day, garage sale, children’s day, girls day require a lot of support of volunteers.

Please phone 250-376-9629 or email to kjca@telus.net for more information